How Much Money Can I Make From AdSense?

How to earn money with AdSense

AdSense is an ad network owned by Google, the biggest ad network in the world and the main service through which Google can display ads on websites. Its simplicity gave it its success, as a website owner you just need to sign into your account, create your first ad, and embed the source code into your website. As technical or complex as it may sound it’s a lot easier than what some other ad networks ask you to do.

AdSense paid at first through only one option and this was on a per click basis. You earn money for each click that you had over an ad on your website. Regardless of what the customer did afterwards on the target website. Later, Google figured out that some people tried to raise their payments by clicking on the ads by themselves on their own websites, and started penalizing for such behavior.

68% of the click price

Let’s see how Google AdSense determines the amount you receive per click. Google also owns AdWords. On AdWords advertisers can run shops, services, or marketers can create ads and tell Google to publish them on the Google search engine, or in the display network, so basically all websites belonging to the AdSense network. 68% of the amount an advertiser pays per click on their ads on your site is your income, while the rest is Google’s commission fee.

This is not all you need to know about how much AdSense pays you. Costs per click are calculated in an auction; every ad that is in the pool to be displayed on your website, takes part in it. It’s not just the highest bidder that wins, but the winner is also determined by his “quality” according to its performance (remember that Google will ultimately run some algorithms to get the highest income per thousand impressions, or return per mille, RPM for you and them).


Other than cost-per-click (CPC), there are two other bid types: Cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) which is an income model where advertisers pay you a fixed price per thousand ad impressions. No clicks on them are necessary for you to earn from AdSense. This bid type only works if advertisers choose on AdWords that ads should be displayed specifically on your website. The most recent bid type is cost-per-engagement (CPE). In this case the advertiser defines an action that the visitor needs to fulfill like expanding the ad, watching a video ad, finishing a poll, etc. As much as we would like to increase income from AdSense, we will have to see how visitors react to this.

Which is the best bid type?

You are not able to select the bid type yourself. Google calculates the best income when combining them based on what runs best on your website. If advertisers know about your good reputation and book CPM campaigns on your website, they might outrank your CPC income. If your CPC banners are well placed and your content is written for valuable topics like finances, your CPC might be unreachable.

So, How much can I earn with AdSense?

The answer to how much AdSense finally pays you depends on so many variables. The one most important is the content on your website. As long as you keep it interesting and engaging in good quality, and it generates traffic to your website, Google will determine what is best for you. This is not a very detailed answer to your question, but neither Google nor most publishers like to publish numbers on how much they earn with AdSense. There is also the idea of high-paying and low-paying niches; a niche like health, financial loans or the legal niche have high CPC (cost per click), while other niches such as movies, or posters are considered low paying niches. Tech niche is a good AdSense niche, and again, income per click depends on various factors.

So, “how much money can I make from AdSense?” It can be answered by asking yourself in what niche you have an interest, great content and information to share, and what kind of traffic you are to get on the blog you wish to create.