What Is the Best Replacement for AdSense?

When it comes to monetizing a blog, AdSense is one of the best programs available. Creating an AdSense account and getting approved is not an easy task, especially for a new blogger. The main problem emerges when Google bans your AdSense account. The best solution is to start looking for some AdSense alternatives.

The alternatives that are mentioned below are not necessarily better than Google AdSense. However, depending on your blog traffic niche, some alternative programs might provide better earnings and results than AdSense. Remember that Google AdSense is a contextual ad networking program, while a few of the AdSense alternatives mentioned below are not.

Getting Google AdSense approval is a great achievement for bloggers. But if you fail to be approved, or get rejected for any reason, don’t give up, because this article will make you realize there are many Google AdSense alternatives for you to use, to earn money online. Before choosing an alternative to Google AdSense, check out what kind of traffic you are generating on your blog.

Best Alternative to Google AdSense for Bloggers:

1. is probably the best alternative to AdSense in terms of ad types. is a contextual ad network by none other than Google’s competition, Yahoo! and Bing, which offers high-paying ads. The ad types involved are similar to AdSense, and as long as you have a quality blog, you are more likely to get approved by rather fast.

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the top performing ad networks and their technology innovation is amazing. Other than all the usual ad types, they added web push notifications ad type. pick from various ad types depending what kind of blog you have. Either for your desktop site, mobile site, or for video content. Payout is as low as $25, and it’s idle for every new and medium size blog with low or high traffic. This is a great alternative which pays really high.

3. Amazon Display Ads

It might surprise you to find the Amazon advertisement program listed as an “AdSense alternative”. However, in 2019 they were one of the most popular choices among bloggers for their monetizing choices. So far, it was only the Amazon Affiliate program, but recently with Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM based ads, they became a great choice for users who are looking for something other than AdSense. The Amazon display program works great for those who have US & EU traffic. Their native ads are a bit like affiliate marketing.

4. Adversal

Adversal offers features very similar to Superlinks. You need to have monthly page-views of 50,000 in order to apply, and minimum payout is $20; after 35 days, you get paid at the end of the month. Payments are done through PayPal, wire transfer, and ACH. It’ll take 3-4 days to get your application approved. Apply for both Superlinks and Adversal; Superlinks ads will pay more, but it is always good to have another alternative option.

5. Viglink

Viglink is great for a blog that already practices dropshipping / affiliate program, since it’s linking out to other business, or e-commerce sites. The Viglink idea is quite different from all of the other alternatives mentioned, because here you earn money by making affiliate sales. It works great when you have outgoing links to product pages, fashion stores, or Amazon. It's very SEO-friendly, which means that even if you don’t have outbound links, but you are using money-related terms like Apple, iPhone, etc., It will add links automatically to these words, and you will end up making some decent money. Another great fact about Viglink is that it’s incubated by Google and as mentioned, a very SEO-friendly ad program.

6. Skimlinks

Skimlinks works in a similar manner as Viglink. It also converts your outbound links into affiliate links, and you earn money whenever a sale occurs. It is possible that you could end up doubling your existing earnings working with both Viglink and Skimlinks, since they pay for affiliate sales and not for clicks.

7. OIO Publisher

This one is for the motivated salesperson, if your blog or website is attractive to advertisers, this tool offers various advantages over AdSense. You are paid an upfront payment from advertisers, and you don’t need to wait for payouts. You don’t share any of your earnings with a network, and there is no risk of getting banned, or having your earnings reversed. Negotiate directly with your advertisers, and build relationships with them. There is an upfront cost for OIO Publisher though; however, for motivated publishers, this tool is worth the price, considering the great value you get in exchange.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra is an advertising network that has innovative ad formats, and a growing number of large brands using the platform. It’s a platform that is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. The fastest growing ad network, and a well-respected brand in the online advertising industry. It provides an excellent solution for both publishers and advertisers who wish to try something different from the grasps of Google. Monetization your blog, or website traffic is easy with Adsterra; they provide a user-friendly platform, and give publishers a 100% fill rate along with the industry’s highest CPM.

These are only a few of the best and most popular alternatives to AdSense. If your AdSense account was disabled, the best way to cover the lost AdSense earnings potential is by using a combination of two or more ad network