Best Places for Link Building for Affiliate Product

The truth is, ranking your website without links is quite challenging. Links are Google’s top-ranking factor. They are important for the entire Search Engine Optimization dynamics. It’s evident just by the fact that backlinks are Google’s Reputation Management Tool.

Link building is all about getting web pages, with similar content or field link to each other. With links on the web, users are able to get around more relevant data on the web. When it comes to search engines, links help them crawl the pages of your website, if content and keywords or phrases are relevant, and this should be the main reason that your link building activity should be accurate.

As long as you pay attention to details and build your links seriously, and doing it in the right manner, you are helping your own website to rank well, and helping the audience reach discover deserving content.

Link building techniques that can still work for you in 2021:

1. Help a Reporter Out technique

The Help a Reporter Out technique (HARO) works through a platform that works better for journalists and news sources, the most. Journalists use this platform to find new stories, whereas you can use this to provide a story to journalists and get backlinks. To get started, you will have to register on their website, and you will then start receiving emails for source requests. In return, you will get authoritative backlinks.

2. Blog about hot/trending topics

This is the classic practice for your link building exercise. Creating content, building a blog around hot and trendy topics is a good way to get backlinks. Since these topics are “hot” and trendy, a lot of information is probably still missing. Try to get that info before others, so you could build your authority around it, and become the go-to website for many others. You’ll become the source for anyone who searches up those topics. These will help you gain a large number of backlinks, and followers from different websites.

3. Co-authoring

Try to present your content ideas to different website admins, and request them to let you co-author the piece alongside their content creators, obviously don’t forget to mention the backlink issue. If you are an expert in some field, you don’t need to worry about the argument any favor situation, or might be an unethical link building technique. This will work great because the other admin will benefit from a great piece of content curated by expert (you) and you will have a quality backlink from an authority website.

4. Building link relationships

Building good, solid professional relationships is essential for creating a good link profile. You will have to create new business contacts so you will be exposed to new opportunities of link building. You should actively join communities related to your niche, so that you can find other websites that are welcoming ethical link building activities.

This is not going to happen immediately though; you need to engage with the individuals on these platforms, comment on their posts, and show that you are interested in their content. Once you are connected, you can collaborate for link-building relationships. Offer testimonials for these websites by writing about them, and earning a backlink.

5. Get a blog for your website

Something that is still working as a link building technique in 2020 and beyond is running a blog on your website. You should develop a blog if you don’t have one already. When you start blogging, you can start writing about and around niches that are related to your website. Then, you could probably earn backlinks for authoritative content. Blogging on a regular basis is a good step towards building a great link profile for your website.

6. Turn mentions into backlinks

Everywhere you were mentioned online could be used into backlinks, a very clever way to gain your online authority and popularity indeed, and very simple at its core. Whenever someone mentions your website, or any of your product offerings, you can connect with them and ask them to turn that mention into a backlink. However, it can only work these websites have not already linked to your website in their piece. You can use tools like Backlink Profiler (BLP) to find these mentions.

Take care of these link building directives
  • Don’t overdo the reciprocal link building just for the sake of cross-linking to a website. Search engines are smart, and when they find out, your website will be penalized and will negatively affect your ranking in search results.
  • Links with over-optimized anchor text are a big mistake.
  • Don’t add your site to every web directory just to get a backlink, it will have a negative effect on its ranking. Be relevant to the directory you choose.
  • Don’t add links in the post, or at the signature of your comments
  • Never buy links.
  • Write a good guest post, and earn that backlink.


Link building isn’t dead, it impacts the many different ways we optimize our websites for great search engine rankings. Denying the fact that links are important, will not be any good for the ranking of your own website.

As for the link building activities we’ve mentioned, you can still use them to build a great link profile for your website, and get your website rank better.