Is Digital Marketing Easy To Learn?

Digital Marketing is a broad field. However, it always comes down to two main goals:

  • Traffic - Getting traffic to your website or the product page.
  • Conversions - Convert this traffic into paying customers.

To achieve both goals you need to master a lot of different skills like copywriting, design and data analysis.


Copywriting has a major role in the digital world. It’s important for a lot of tasks like writing emails, ad copies, persuasive product descriptions, engaging social media posts and so on. Mastering copywriting is crucial for your success for marketing online.


Understanding the main numbers, key performance indicators (KPI) of your campaigns is probably the most important skill you should master because digital marketing is a lot about trial and error.

Basic Web Design

You will need to know basic design when promoting products online. Maybe some basic HTML / CSS Skills because a lot of template builders for emails or landing pages will require this. But no worries you can learn this in a matter of days on platforms online like codecademy.

Social Media

Using social media for your business is a different than your private use; you want things to go viral and get engagement - Most importantly you need to understand which platform to use to promote your product or service. i.e.; Instagram works really well for physical products because you are allowed to tag them in your images. LinkedIn is great for high price B2B products or services. Build these strategies, and then master the platform.

AB Testing / Experimentation

Digital marketing is a lot about trial and error then, optimization. There is a whole field with services, tools and influencer in it called CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization and AB Testing. What performs better, and on what channel? You should consistently try new ways to attract your targets.

SEO / Blogging

A profitable website is one with a good SEO strategy. Building blogs can help you to insert almost any word you want so google could find you and rank you high. Because Google is the top search engine out there, and the traffic is massive. Mastering SEO is quite a challenge I have to say, but not too hard to master, as long as you keep updating your content.

In order to keep up with how you rank within the digital industry, bear in mind the three soft skills necessary: Curiosity, Problem solving, Proactivity. Curiosity shows that you're always questioning which way is the best way of doing things. New opportunities emerges as to how many different ways of executing a certain task that you can do faster or better.

Problem solving, almost like curiosity, but with one major difference: that you're really good at finding solutions that take you one step closer to where you want to go. Problem solving is always tied into progress. If you make a progress, then you are succeeding, no matter how slow you’re going.

Proactivity, always push forward. Do you have new ideas for your client, or the company you work for, or your own company? If you're not using initiative but become merely reactive, then you're setting for trouble.

If everything you learn and everything you do is guided by the mantra of "make more money", either for yourself or your client, then you'll always be moving towards the right direction.

Too many people care so much about impressions, followers and other metrics that don't really matter. It’s OK as guiding lights showing progress, but they're not KPIs.

There's actually just one thing you always need to know and care about: Make. More. Money.

Keep in mind that digital marketing is always tied to making money. If you memorized everything that you’re learning about or doing under the main prospects of increasing revenue, profits, or both, then you’ll always be a successful digital marketer.

Businesses used to get away with badly written content as long as it had strong keyword signals, but that’s no longer the case. Good quality content that leads to low bounce rates is very important for ranking. You don’t need the related keyword in the body of your page if your content is solid, well written and strong enough.

So, is digital marketing hard? It is up to you as to how much you want to be involved within the process. You should, though, step into it with cautious, and with the will to work hard. Results show to those who always monitoring and changing their parameters on-the-go, always optimizing to achieve the desired results, or amounts of money they expect.