Can I Make Money from PPC on Affiliate Marketing?

Not too long ago, back in 2009, becoming your own boss and earning money without having to show up every day at a job was a dream that millions of people have. As time went by, it became not only possible to earn an income online, but potentially can take over your full-time income.

However, it’s not always as easy to reach that goal, and it takes hard work, determination, and more importantly, an endless amount of patience. If you have those traits, the internet has helped to make it come true, and today it’s much easier and accessible, than it once was to earn a great living online.

PPC advertising is one option to work with, and recently, PPC affiliate marketing has become more common and popular than it once was. It’s a viable way to earn money over the internet, however, understanding more about it is very important if you’re thinking of using it for yourself.

The Basics of PPC Affiliate Marketing

PPC, or Pay Per Click, by its name is all you need to know about the basic way to earn money using this type of opportunity. PPC affiliate marketing refers to those participating in the affiliate program to get paid for clicks; though the clicks themselves might be different depending upon what type of program signed up for.

Some sites allow you to join different affiliate programs, and some might be PPC affiliate marketing opportunities. You can get paid for lead generation, click-throughs, impression ads, and their follow-throughs, and more. You are paid every time someone visits a website through your affiliate links, or when someone signs up for a newsletter or a form. Don’t confuse it with other types of affiliate marketing, in which marketers are paid a commission on sales that they generate.

Just like other types of affiliate marketing though, PPC affiliate marketing professionals are freelance marketers. You can pick any programs to participate in, and companies or even products you want to focus on. Then, you do your own magic to generate results. You have no overhead costs, and you make a profit based on the structure set up by the program.

Pay per click ads used to be one of the biggest opportunities of online marketing for affiliates, but nowadays, these marketing efforts are rare because many PPC companies, like Google AdWords, have strict guidelines for affiliates. However, there are many opportunities out there for anyone who wishes to give themselves great money-making chances, and PPC affiliate marketing is one that is worth trying.

Getting the Most from PPC Affiliate Marketing

PPC affiliate marketing is a very real, very viable way to earn money online, although it’s not a fast way to become rich overnight. It takes dedication, effort, and plenty of hard work and discipline to succeed. Many affiliate marketers lose tens of thousands of dollars on PPC ads even before they have the chance to see it turning a profit.

You need to be able to generate a large quantity of click-throughs in order to get sustainable income, and of course see and determine which PPC ad campaigns actually give you a return on investment. This can take some time and a lot of experimentation which inevitably costs you money as you experiment. Traditional affiliate marketing programs that you’ll find, your commission comes from sales; the larger the sale, the more you’ll make. With PPC affiliate marketing, your payment derives from any action and could be a few cents up to ten or more dollars. The main idea is to get the best conversion rate from those who view your ads.

There are a few tips that can help you find success at PPC affiliate marketing:

  • You need larger-scale reach and higher efficiency; you need to ‘go big or go home’, niche market approach is still important; however, you may need to target as many people as you can, and don’t forget to use A/B testing to see which ads perform the best.
  • A strong website matters. Create a great website that is easy for you to use, and easy for visitors to navigate. Build a good site, and use it as the hub for all of your PPC affiliate marketing and traditional affiliate marketing endeavors.
  • Social media is one of the best ways to get new leads, build your brand, and start connecting with people. Don’t just create a page for yourself, get social reply to comments, check out pages for products and services within your niche area of focus, become social media active.
  • A blog can help you build a better brand, you'll consistently update your blog, create compelling content for it, and focus on developing your brand. Think about how you want your brand and product to be viewed by people, or competitors within your niche. Post content that flatters your product, and your core values of your brand, post content that can form an opinion, reliable, and engaging. Think about your brand and build your blog around it.
  • Stay committed to your goals. It can take over a year before you start to see profits from your efforts of PPC affiliate marketing, and many end up giving up before they reach their true potential. Stay focused on your goals, that’s the only way to reach them.


The fact is that to find the best potential for your future success in finance in the world of affiliate marketing, you must keep diversifying while still maintaining your core brand identity. It’s a long road of many trials and errors. Whatever you do, keep your brand identity in mind.